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I shall be giving a 2 day workshop on ‘Clinical Acupressure in Neurological Conditions’ in Bath, Avon, UK on 17-18 November. As it is being organised by AACP, it is open only to chartered physiotherapists. Please let me know if you are interested in attending and I’ll send you full details.

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Welcome to my web site www.johncrosspublications. You may have joined this site from the previous site of As I have now retired from clinical work, I thought that ‘john cross clinics‘ was no longer applicable. On this web site you will find that purchasing my publications, posters and pdf’s will be much easier than the old site. In April 2016 I added another publication ‘Distance Analysis and Healing – My Way!’. This is a booklet of approximately 13,000 words and is available through Amazon, Amazon Kindle and directly from me as a hard copy or pdf download. I have also completely revamped the Kindle production of 2014 ‘Acupressure and Homoeopathy in the Treatment of Common Ailments’ that is now also available as a paperback.

In Summer 2017 I self published the first part of ‘The Holistic SpineReflections and Associations – Acupressure and Reflexology in Action’. The poster ‘The Holistic Spine – Reflections and Associations’ was reprinted to accompany the book. Part Two of this book will be available late approximately November 2018 and may be combined with Part One as one large tome. Watch this space! I am still happy to answer your queries about problem patients etc. These will be dealt with in the strictest confidence – replies will be sent to the instigator and will not be published.